Lawrence Mack

Director for Forensic and Prison Services

Lawrence Newsome

Business and Service Improvement Manager

Jenny Hellmann

Support Services Manager

Patsy Fung

Directorate Lead Occupational Therapist

Elizabeth Zachariah

Clinical Director

Dr Philip Minoudis

Associate Director

Peter Stevens

Head of Psychological Therapies

Vicky Bradnam

Managing Director/Superintendent Pharmacist, OPSI

Himayun Baksh

Service Manager for HMP Wandsworth

Fananidzai Hove

Head of Nursing for Forensics

Anna Gillespie

Forensic Community Service Manager

Chris Naiken

Head of Nursing for Prisons

Sunita Arjune

Service Manager, Kent Prisons

Fiona Starkey-Norman

Service Manager

Daniel Chikanda

Service Manager, Greenwich Prisons