Information for carers, families and significant others

We offer support to carers, family members and significant others of patients accessing our services at the Bracton Centre and Memorial Hospital.

Carers' assessment

We also offer carers, families and significant others a 'carers assessment' during their relatives stay. This is to support and recognise their role as a carer. Please email if you have not been offered a carers assessment and wish to request one. Alternately call or text the carers' line on 07748 650069.

Friends and Family support Group

We are committed to working with carers, friends, families and significant others, to provide specialist support and advice when needed. We have a support group, which offers a place to meet with others whose loved ones are using our service on a monthly basis.

It's here you can discuss any issues or questions you may have with a professional, whilst being supported by others in a group setting. This is a great opportunity for carers/families/friends who may feel isolated or stressed to access support. We understand that travelling can be expensive for some, so we offer to cover travel expenses to our carers/families and friends when they attend events, meetings or appointments but unfortunately not for social visits.

Please email us if you are interested in joining our group or to find out more information.

The group takes place on a monthly basis on a Saturday morning 11am-12.00pm at
Bracton Centre, Bracton Lane, Leyton Cross Rd, Dartford, DA2 7AF

The dates for these are the second Saturday for each month:

  • 8 Feb 2020

  • 14 March 2020

  • April - TBC and to be held alongside Bracton Awards Event

  • 9 May 2020

  • 13 June 2020

  • July/August TBC  and to be held alongside Summer Event

  • 12 September 2020

  • 10 October 2020

  • December - TBC and held alongside Christmas Event


We also have events that you can join with your loved one in our service. 

Please feel free to contact us for any information, support or advice

We have a comprehensive information pack, available on request.

Please email us to request an information pack, this can be posted or emailed to you. Alternatively you can call our 'dedicated family line', open from 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday (a call back service is available if required): 07748 650069.

Please note: Our dedicated family line and email is only for carers and family members who have a patient under the care of the Forensic Mental Health Service.

Our Urgent Advice Line should be contacted if it's a crisis:

Call free: 0800 330 8590