The Challenge Project 

The Challenge Project is a community group work programme for high risk mentally disordered sex offenders, funded by NHS England and NOMS.  It provides a service to adult men (aged 18+) across Greater London who are either subject to criminal justice or mental health statutory requirements, although we do access voluntary participants. 

The programme is particularly suitable for those individuals who have failed in previous treatment programmes and who have a history of presenting with significant problems in managing interpersonal relationships that result in antisocial, often aggressive, behaviour.

The programme involves weekly, evening, group sessions, which take place in probation premises. New members can join every 8-12 weeks and the full programme takes approximately 16 months to complete.

Referral criteria include:

  1. High risk/high harm convicted offenders with a contact sex offence.
  2. Offenders already screened into the offender personality disorder pathway; that is, offenders with a number of indicators of pervasive psychological difficulties across their lifespan.

Please note that we:

  • Consider medium risk offenders with a high level of need related to their personality disorder
  • Prioritise referrals that cannot be managed within mainstream provision, for instance offenders who have dropped out, refused, been excluded from or re-offended post completion of programmes.
  • Will make a judgement on a case-by-case basis for offenders with significant learning disabilities, co-morbid severe mental illness, autistic spectrum disorder or very disruptive behavior.
  • Do not accept those who are in total denial of their offence.

For further information, please contact:

Dr Jackie Craissati: 01322 297151 or 7157 

Dr Karen van Gerko:

Alternatively our psychological secretaries will be able to help.

Mary Smith or Sarah Payne