The South East London Integrated Community Pathways Service (ICPS) is delivered jointly with the Probation Service as part of the national Offender Personality Disorder (OPD) strategy. We also work with Enhanced Engagement Relational Support Services (EERSS) that include Together for Mental Wellbeing and Women in Prison (Bluebird Service) and Housing and Accommodation Support Services (HASS) such as Penrose.

The ICPS delivers “Core-OM” and Intensive Intervention and Risk Management Services (IIRMS) services. Core-OM provision is aligned to the national OPD specification while the IIRMS service offers stabilisation delivered by a range of clinical practitioners specialising in resettlement (e.g. housing, substance misuse). Stabilisation also includes emotional and psychoeducational support offered individually and in groups (e.g. DBT). Enhanced interventions include specialist group and individual treatment options for people convicted of violence (Mentalisation-Based Therapy), sexual offences (The Challenge Project), Trauma (e.g. EMDR, Trauma-Focussed CBT) and complex interpersonal needs (e.g. Schema Therapy). Engagement with the IIRMS service is up to 18 months but the person on probation is open to the Core-OM provision for as long as they are on licence.

The Core-OM service and IIRMS are offered to people on probation who screen into the OPD pathway – this means they are at high risk of causing significant harm to others linked to longstanding complex emotional and interpersonal difficulties and their case is managed by Probation Service in London. As a partnership provision, access to service is only through consultation between health and probation colleagues.