The Psychological Therapies Service (PTS) at HMP Wandsworth is comprised of a rich and passionate team of forensic, counselling and clinical psychologists supported by three experienced assistant psychologists.

The team are primarily responsible for providing assessment and (individual and group) therapy to individuals with a variety of emotional, psychological, behavioural, cognitive and/or neurodiverse difficulties.

We are enthusiastic about delivering a programme of care which is needs-led and respectful of each person's unique experiences and context. However, the team is not just dedicated to working on a 1:1 basis with the individuals referred to us but also invested in working systemically with the environment in which they live in.

The PTS team is committed to creating a shift in the prison culture by empowering prison staff with training (e.g. on trauma and attachment) as well as embedding a culture of compassion and care (e.g. through regular reflective practice spaces for prison staff) to enhance a sense of safety for both the staff and the individuals residing in the prison.

We recognise the importance of thinking and working in an integrated, trauma-informed manner and aim to adopt a whole-prison approach to shifting the prison culture at HMP Wandsworth.