William Morris Centre - The community group work programme

All the groups are available to either men or women and run for various lengths of time.

1. Psycho-Education Workshop: ‘Understanding Personality’
This workshop runs once a week for four weeks and is available to both men and women. It aims to help service users understand ‘personality difficulties’ , and what it means for them.

2. Coping with Suspicion & Paranoid Feelings
This workshop runs once a week for four weeks. The aim of the workshop is to enhance service users’ understanding of paranoia, how to get control of paranoia (rather than letting it control you) and teaching service users constructive coping skills.

3. Managing Angry Feelings
This workshop runs once a week for four weeks and focusses on establishing healthier ways of expressing anger and learning coping skills to help patients manage their anger.

4. Getting a good night’s sleep
We offer a two-day workshop focussing on sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene involves a variety of different practices that are necessary to have a normal quality night’s sleep and increase daytime alertness.

5. Aspergers Syndrome
This is a two-day programme for patients who have a diagnosis of Aspergers (autistic spectrum disorder) and would like to more information and advice.

6. Managing Emotions
This workshop is designed for service users who, because of their persistent psychological difficulties, have difficulty in balancing their moods, tolerating distressful thoughts, feelings, memories and events, as well as have difficulty in maintaining relations with others. It runs once a week for 14 weeks and aims to try to and help individuals manage their emotions, cope better with stress, and build positive relationships.

7. Mentalisation Based Treatment (MBT) programme
This is a longer-term treatment programme, which usually lasts 12-18 months. It aims to help service users learn how to manage their emotional states safely in the context of relating to other people, and so to improve their emotional wellbeing and the quality of their relationships.

The ‘MBT’ programme day takes place once a week on Wednesdays. It involves group and individual therapy sessions and a shared lunch. Service users review their progress with members of the team each term, and if they wish, can invite an important person in their lives to the review. The team may liaise with other professionals and agencies that the patient is involved with, to promote therapeutic relationships and effective support.

8. Couple and Family therapy
For service users who may have persistent relationship difficulties with their partner or family members. If they wish, and their partner/family member agrees, couple/family therapy can be offered to help them address these difficulties together. The aim is to explore patterns of communication and ways of relating, to help those involved express and meet their own and each other’s needs more effectively. A set of six sessions is normally offered, followed by a review. The sessions usually take place fortnightly on a Friday afternoon.