Youth In Need

Youth In Need (YIN) is a community assessment and group work programme for adolescent and young adult males with a sexual conviction. It runs in the community and is available to offenders aged 15-22 who are living in London and attend either voluntarily or, more commonly, as part of a community sentence or post-custodial licence. The programme prioritises young people who pose a medium or high risk of further sexual offences, but does not accept those who are in total denial of their sexual offence.

The group programme takes three 12 week terms, with new members able to start at the beginning of any term and the group is delivered one evening a week, for an hour and a half. The team provides a comprehensive assessment, and discharge report, together with termly reviews with the referrer, young person and relevant others.

The programme is part-funded by the National Probation Service in London, and therefore young adult sex offenders (18-22) under the management of probation do not require additional funding. For referrals from health, social services and the Youth Offending Service, there will be a cost to access the service.

For further information, please contact:

Oliver Eastman, Clinical Psychologist:

Alternatively, liaise with the Psychology Department secretaries:

Mary 01322 297614

Sarah Payne: 01322 297151 or 7175

Telephone: 01322 297151 /7164/7175